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Bull-i-ed Customizable In-Class Program

This is where the MAGIC HAPPENS! 

One-off presentations make a limited impact. It's like throwing a bunch of seeds on dry ground hoping one grows. Our approach is inspired by the desires of principals and teachers to provide real follow-through and invoke real change. We teach bullying prevention. 


The most effective and tested version of our bullying prevention program provides follow-through and relationship building by extending 3 1/2 months. A presenter and a co-facilitator come teach individual classroom's because a more supportive setting creates a safer more comfortable environment for the students to speak freely. We put in the work by digging deep, nourishing the soil, putting down the seed, and watering with care. If we want to make an impact, it can't be by throwing seeds in unhealthy environments without structure, guidance, and support. 

During the program provide a total of 7 presentations. We teach a new workshop every other week and while we are gone the students read "Bull-i-ed: It begins with the 'i'", under the supervision of their teacher and engage in answering short discussion based worksheets. The ideology is to keep the conversation present for our entire duration. The book also reinforces the concepts taught in the workshops by learning through repetition  The program is intensive but effective.


We understand each school is different and may have restrictions or limitations. This is why our program is completely customizable and we offer different versions and time frames. We can change to a shorter version with more frequent visits, less visits, or even offer an ebook version with worksheets. Decisive Life works with each school to provide the most effective version possible for their needs and abilities.

Our teachings range from interactive exercises and discussions on Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Communication Skills, and Positive Coping Skills.  Every student will walk away with some positive sense of knowledge that will help them learn to be better decision makers and more prepared to handle situations like conflict, bullying, and cruelty. 

We take our responsibility seriously and we intentionally build relationships with students so we can help guide and support them. We also intentionally watch for signs of distress and are not afraid to ask with care about our observations so they understand they are seen and not alone. Every Presenter/Co-Facilitator is Suicide Intervention trained and work closely with the admin and counselors to help guide each student in duress to school and community resources regardless their role or circumstance. 

Their stories are heart-wrenching and our stories after our guidance and built relationships are heart-warming. 

"I have gone into gang prevalent schools and was able to reach some of their most troubled students.


You know how I did this? 

By respecting them with a listening ear, a shoulder of strength, an eye for the signs of trauma, a willingness to reach out towards those traumas, a compassionate validating voice, and of course words of empowerment, guidance, encouragement, along with warm hugs, genuine smiles, high fives, and knuckles.

I did not do this with the iron fist of accountability!"


-Jason Lalli-


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