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The workshop helped me gain good insights about student-teacher relationships and how important it is to be aware of the emotions and energy we teachers bring  into the classroom. The fact that this also holds true with the  students we cater to everyday makes it even more necessary and imperative for teachers to attend workshops like this. I find the workshop very timely too, considering the numerous challenges we try to deal with on a daily basis. I felt recharged, inspired and more motivated after attending the workshop! I am now more excited to come back to the classroom and give my 110% to my students! 

-Divina Agoncillo-

6th Grade Teacher

Thank you for letting me be part of your professional development workshop. It was overall an excellent experience. I felt safe and valued and I learned new and relevant information. 


My biggest take-aways are the following:

1. I love your classroom role play for active listening (one student reads a book the other one listens etc). I will use this tomorrow with my 6th graders!

2. Your communication approach which was on the white board opened my eyes. Drawing boundaries and creating an awareness of choice were not in my bigger picture yet. This added a new dimension to understanding the concept of communication. 

3. The handouts were very helpful.

4. "It's okay!" I went swimming this morning and spent time calling friends. This was a whole new Sunday morning for me and I felt better all day. I wrote it on my mirror for daily use. 

-Sabine Bachner-

7th Grade Teacher

As a veteran teacher of 19 years I felt that this was a very timely and valuable workshop!  Our schools our in such desperate need of this kind of guidance.  I gained valuable resources that will help my students improve their social-emotional interactions with other students and adults.  I highly recommend this workshop!

~We can help break the cycle through preventive education!

-Maria Wheeler-

Kindergarten Teacher

When Jason first told me about the workshop I was a little unsure of what SEL was or would look like in the special education setting. After the workshop, I gained brand new knowledge about mindfulness and self-care. Overall, this workshop has taught me new skills I can implement with my students and in day to day life. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to know and discuss social and emotional learning and mindfulness. Thanks Jason! 

-Becky Levesque-

Special Ed Teacher

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